Thursday, August 9, 2012

Haiku 2

I love writing Haiku, Japanese poetry.  My first set of Haiku was uploaded in this blog site on April 27, 2012.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gabrielle Douglas

My husband and I have been watching the 2012 Olympics closely.  We each have our favorite athletes :)    I have two favorites…… Americans Michael Phelps and Gabrielle Douglas.  I have always admired Phelps and have read most of what was written about him.  I did not know who Gabrielle Douglas was, until she shone in the 2012 Olympics gymnastic competitions.

Gabby is a 16-year old from Virginia Beach, Virginia.   She, with a megawatt smile and a dazzling personality  is now  a popular all-around gymnastic champion !  Gabby became the third straight American to win gymnastics’ top prize, taking the lead on the very first event .  She finished with a score of 62.232.

The flying squirrel , as Gabby is nicknamed,  skillfully did  her energetic floor routine.   U.S. teammates Kyla Ross,  Jordyn Wieber and  McKayla Maroney  jumped to their feet and cheered when she finished.   Gabby flashed her now famous smile and coach Liang Chow lifted her off the podium.    She made it !!  She holds the Gold !!

This is my favorite photo of Gabby.  The teen from Virginia has captured the world’s hearts and is now flying high in victory!!