Saturday, April 28, 2012

Computer Terms

It used to be that when we speak of bugs , we mean a bettle, bed bug, stinky bug, salaginto at salagubang ……. it seems that was a million years ago !!! 

Wake up to today and bugs are something of an internet threat !  they are called KakWorm, Gokar, what-have-you !!  They are the scourge of the modern world’s communication.   The internet computer bug!

Remember the mouse you used to run after because it has invaded your surroundings?   Well,  the modern day’s mouse is the internet savvy’s best friend .

Think of Siargao  or Hawaii and picture the surf  !    The same word means something else in modern times,  surfing the net keeps one busy  online !!

So, what do you think ???   As for me , I am bugged because my mouse is “dead” and I cannot surf the net !!  hohum ………………

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