Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Nothing beats halohalo on a warm day !! This yummy concoction of shaved ice, milk, kaong, macapuno, caramelized nangka and banana, ube jalea, leche flan and a scoop of ice cream is the best quick fix against summer heat.

Halohalo can be found in all corners of Cebu.


I lived with my Tio Ben/Tia Luz during my college days in the ‘60s. After dinner, when we are all dressed to sleep, Tio Ben would bring the whole household to White Clouds in Capitol and treat us to halohalo!!! We were always a familiar sight of girls in pajamas having a generous serving of the best halohalo in town !

Fast-track to 1990’s , I would go to Jonie’s at Ayala Center and have a huge halohalo for lunch !! Rica can attest to this favorite meal/dessert rolled into one!!

I still love this yummy treat and the halohalo we eat these days are from Ice Castle or Chow King. My fave? Chow King it is !! and , mind you, am not paid to advertise !! hehehe

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