Saturday, April 28, 2012

memories ..................

As I go through my  Book of Life,  I find memories .
Precious memories of home with a childhood full of love and laughter,

Magical memories with pictures of  my sister, cousins and friends playing in the rain, of mountains  climbed, playing hide and seek during moonlit nights.

I come across and go quickly through pages of crowded years with blurred  memories …….

Treasured memories of each child being part of me, moving inside me …. a greater blessing I cannot ask for.  I have wishes and hopes for you my dear princess and princes.  I love you, will love you forever !!!

A dark page on this Book ,  I do not want to read.  Shattered memories not worth keeping. Feelings of betrayal, pain, disgust, rage, and frustration.  Memories of how the fabric of a happy home was torn apart.

Keepers of memories, thank you for preserving my lasting, treasured chapters.  Thank you for helping me go through the darkest times printed on the Book.  Thank you for the new chapters of travels to happier times with children and grandchildren , of treasured family and friends.

My Book of Life,  keeper of memories,  paint a lot of  bright colors to remember me by.

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