Monday, April 23, 2012

My e-friend :)

On November 15,2005,

I received an  email from a stranger with a one-word message “probando”.   I am not one  who will answer mails from a complete stranger but I don’t know why but I replied to her with  “ probando, porque? “.   On the same day, I found myself reading another email from her –  she had sent herself a test message intended for her new address at but had mistakenly sent it to    we had exactly the same address except the extension ” .com” .   we have the same first names and the same first letter of our family names.  Since then, we have been corresponding with each other.

One  day, something very unusual happened.  She sent me a photo of her and her son on her son’s wedding day.  What do I see?  Her long skirt was of the same material/same color  as the dress I used for my son’s wedding day !! 

She is in Spain and I am in the Philippines  but distance and personal responsibilities are never an excuse not to get in touch. Different kinds of friends enter and exit in our lives,  this is one friend I would want to keep.  Someday I would want to personally meet her, too !
Una copa mi amiga, brindemos por nuestra Amistad !!   un abrazo para ti!

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