Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Rose Petals

I went to the bank today to pay our telephone bill.  Together with my receipt, the lady teller gave me a red rose petal.   I thanked her and asked her why she gave me the petal.   Here was her answer:

“ A guy I like very much came to transact business with the bank, this morning.  He gave me a rose and told me that he was coming back tomorrow and would ask me what I did with the rose.    I asked for suggestions from my co-workers but could not agree with any of their ideas.  I know I was super happy when I received the rose, it made my day !!  I wanted to share the happiness I felt with anybody I would meet today, so, I started giving out the petals to every client  who would come to my window.   I have four petals left.   I will keep the last petal and will give it back to the guy who gave it to me.   I will tell him that each petal I gave away signified love and happiness that I wished for each and every recipient.”

The lady teller made my day !!

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