Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Step in Life's Journey

I feel more effective and function much better  when I have something to do ......when I have responsibilities ..... when I am productive and I accomplish something.

I started working part-time when I was in second year college.   I worked at the school's book rental area, where I arranged dusty books in wide, tall storage spaces.   A year after, my father sent me to study in Spain .  In summer, when I had some free time,  I worked as a tour guide for English-speaking tourists.  After two years, I went back to the Philippines and resumed my college education....... this time, I worked part-time as a Spanish language instructor in a local Foreign Language institution.  After a few years, I found myself working as a secretary for the biggest food manufacturing company in the Philippines.   This was the start of my corporate employments.......a life I so much enjoyed, where I learned a lot of skills and expertise .  I gained experience  which made me proficient in the fields  of secretarial work, administrative functions and  human resources responsibilities.

I went on to work for different industries .....securities and exchange ,  real estate , immigration consultancy, online survey taker, service checker, English/Spanish/English translation and finally, I landed in the world of Outsourcing. 

Outsourcing is where I learned what information technology is all about and began to love the internet and everything related to it.  I was handling Human Resources but during our free time, I would sit down with graphic artists, programmers, web developers, operations guys.   I definitely did not understand what they did, but their work was awesome!  I only had respect on how they did their work and marveled at the finished product they would show me.  I never got tired listening to their conversations when they exchanged notes on how to do their job and what they would do next.   

I am a believer that age should never be a factor or an excuse to stop learning.   On my lunch break, I would eat quickly just so I can practice what one of the IT guys have taught me .....  maybe a keyboard short cut, a combination of keystrokes, how to upload / download, how to research/what key words to use, etc.   

Six months ago or, to be exact on December 31,2011, I retired from my job.   I was 65 years old and thought that I can now relax and do nothing for a while.   Have I mentioned that I am a people-person? Yes, I definitely am !  I thrive when I interact with other people.   Don't get me wrong here ....  I love sitting down and talking with my husband.  I learn a lot from him in history, current events and everything else in-between!   What I am hankering for now is a job I can do from home  :-)  ....  something to keep me busy, where I interact with a person I work with and again learn new skills......................another chapter of  my  chosen work and my life.  A new step in my life's journey!

I will start looking for a home-based job today, hoping that I will find a good person to work with and a job I will enjoy doing. 

Wish me luck !!

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