Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cooking !

There are people who love to cook — so, they cook because they want to, while there are those who cook because they have to……. I am more of the latter.

I grew up watching my mother cook. I was allowed to help cut the veggies, shred the cheese,or peel the potato. I was never given the chance to cook for myself or the family.

When I went on to live with my grandma, I was allowed to go inside the kitchen — not to cook or prepare the ingredients, but to wash the dishes, pots /pans and to leave the kitchen spotless clean! 

I got married and realized my buddy cooked better than I did, he knew what he wanted to eat and he definitely knew how to cook them. I had to ask him how to prepare isda paksiw, adobo and even how to cook mongo! I bought cookbooks and started learning how to cook.

For the past 39 years, I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family. I learned to love cooking.

Did I hear you say you are giving me a choice — to cook or not to cook? My answer is : Given the choice, I would probably dial the numbers of Dimsum, Cheaverz, Jollibee, DaVinci, Pizza Hut or Shakey’ for a delivery !

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