Saturday, May 5, 2012


Words are powerful !

Words can hurt or please, forge or ruin, comfort or torment.

Most of us are guilty of using harsh words and speak in a manner that would hurt the very person we profess to love. Have you hurt somebody lately? I am referring to hurting somebody through words, actions or attitude. Words said with sarcasm, criticism carelessly thrown at the other person or comment brutally said in the name of honesty.

There are people who claim to be brutally honest , but enjoy being harsh and insensitive more than being honest. One can be totally honest and be kind , at the same time.

If you realize you have hurt somebody with your words, what do you do? Apologize? To apologize and repeat your actions/words in a future time is just like a neglected promise.

Make a commitment to change this bad habit. None of us is perfect , but trying really hard to keep this commitment would mean a lot to people around you .

Remember that words have incredible power. Same words, different ways of saying would have different results. Most of all, remember — you have a choice,
hurt or please, forge or ruin , comfort or torment ………..

What words would you use and what words would you like others to use when speaking to you ?

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