Friday, July 20, 2012


“Grandchildren are precious gifts given to parents from their children.”

While browsing the net, looking for quotes, I found this short saying about grandchildren. I liked it so much that I made a Facebook cover of this quotation with the photos of my beautiful grandchildren.

I am a proud mother of three wonderful children. As most parents, I love my children unconditionally….. the two older ones are amazing, strong individuals, the youngest is just as wonderful but with a more easygoing and chirpy personality. I was a working mom. I would start my day early so I can cook breakfast and have my children ready for school. I would come home from work and tutor them on their school assignments (until such time when they knew more than I did)hehehe, cook dinner and get them ready for bed. Sometimes, I would read them some stories before bedtime and they knew that I would change names, words, whatever just so it would be fun. An example would be from the story of Rapunzel.  When a child was sick with tonsillitis, I would read a line as “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your tonsils ” and everyone listening would open their mouth and show their tonsils! I had always been active in school activities…… PTA, soccer games, girls’ scout, boys’ scout, school programs….. I was always there and I took pride in their accomplishments. I watched them grow up and never stopped looking after them. I had to know where they were and who they were with….. this had always been the number one rule at home. Time came for them to leave home because of further studies or their jobs….. but I never stopped praying for their best and loving them! All three children got married and have lives of their own now.

Then, came my five beautiful grandchildren!!!! I never knew that I would have more fun with these kids, at my age now. I do not have the responsibility to educate, discipline or bring them up. I am just here to have fun with them! I love talking with the little ones…. so funny, yet intelligent! So young, yet articulate! Now, I bask in pride when their parents send me photos of Klaus receiving his medal of distinction , Amaya with her first ballet recital, Maive as Ms. India on United Nations Day and all three of them learning to swim during their summer vacation. The two littlest ones, Maitina and Mayumi have their own accomplishments, too…… drawings, zipline ride at JCentre and funny remarks like, Mommy Pie malaki puwit!!!!! I always look forward when they come to visit us…. I play and run around with them, although I get tired easily compared  to their boundless energy. I get to laugh a lot with them. We sing nursery rhymes, too and watch together Dora, Barney and some educational videos in Youtube. They are great kids and I pray that they will grow up to be even greater adults.

I thank God for the precious gift of grandchildren!!  But then,  a thought just came to my mind.... one that I would want to ask the All Knowing....wouldn't it have been more fun if  You  had sent me my grandchildren before my children ?  Just a crazy thought  ;-) hehehehe

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