Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photography :)

Today is  Sunday,  July 29, 2012 

I watched Paco Guerrero's TV show, "What I see" and cannot stop thinking of the awesome photos he got.   It gave me the fire to start taking photographs of my own, too!!!!   Am sure it would not be anything similar, even to the minutest fraction, as compared to Paco's breathtaking will know what I mean if you check this out    or this,   The camera he uses must be sophisticated, something I cannot afford or know how to use.   I barely know how to take photos with the camera my daughter gave me and my hubby.  It is nothing fancy.  It is a Canon Power Shot A2200.... a nice red compact item, which the ad describes "as an expression of style, versatility and creativity".   I hope to live up to the ad description.  I will take some photos around the house, garden or wherever I can find an interesting subject , however simple it might be.
 Everytime I will take some photos,  I will upload these to this article.   Bear with me, I am a newbie here.   
So, here goes ..............................
I woke up at 6:00am today, July 30th.  I opened the bedroom window and this was the first thing I saw :)  I took my first photograph for this "photography section" of my blog.

August 2nd -- Chavi and Maitina came to visit us before going to Playmaze. The little one always plays with the swing at the backyard.  I quickly got the camera and took various shots.  These are the photos that I liked :} I put these together and placed the "thingys" little girls like!

August 15,2012 --- When Angie arrived from the convention tonight, Doy and Angie started taking photos with  the girls.  I took this photo of Mayumi when she stuck her head in the railing going up to the dining room.

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